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The one thing that everyone worldwide can do to help reduce our ecological footprint, is to use a reusable bag whenever we shop for anything. There are movements around the world for reusing bags for groceries, but that is not all about it. By using our own bags every time, we are being environmentally responsible. Disposable bags present major ecological problems: drilling for oil and natural gas, deforestation, pollution, over crowding of landfills, litter, and harming wildlife. Be aware of the issues that the bags cause, and influence  people to think the next time about how they purchase anything anywhere.



Social Responsible


“Individual actions make a difference"

It is in everyone's interest to discourage the use of plastic bags. Consumers win because the cost of the bags will no longer be hidden in the cost of their groceries, retailers win because they would no longer have the hassle of ordering and storing so many bags and the environment wins, because we would be reducing the thousands of tones of plastic waste we dump every year.

"Let’s change our bad bag habit now. Bring your ecosac whenever you shop, and to everywhere."




"It will not be too difficult and disruptive to change the bad bag habit, it's just an adjustment."

Delays on actions to fight global warming poses a great threat to the Canadian economy and environment. An immediate and aggressive plan to stop plastic bags from filling up our landfills, blocking our drains and creeks, and harming our wildlife must be put into action.

Sea Turtles Don't Shop!

“The bigger our footprints, the smaller the earth ."



“Be part of the solution…Let’s taking action now!”

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